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Council Māori engagement

Engagement between councils and Iwi, Hapu and Māori groups

The Local Government Act 2002 (LGA) requires councils to consider and promote the current and future wellbeing of communities.  It also introduced new responsibilities and opportunities for engagement and cooperation between councils and Māori.  

Since 2002, LGNZ has prepared a number of resources to assist councils to help build stronger relationships between councils and Iwi, Hapu and Māori groups to support community wellbeing.

LGNZ resources

Council-Māori Participation Arrangements (2017): This document provides information for councils and Māori when considering their arrangements to engage and work with each other.

Memorandum of Understanding (2015): The Freshwater Iwi Leaders Group, on behalf of the Iwi Chairs Forum, signed a Memorandum of Understanding with LGNZ to support and encourage strong relationships and collaboration between councils and iwi. Signed in Wellington, 6 August 2015.

Council-Māori engagement: The ongoing story (2011): This paper was delivered by Dr Mike Reid to the inaugural "Working with Iwi Conference 2011," organised by Liquid Learning, Te Wharewaka o Poneke, in Wellington, 14 June 2011.

Local Authorities and Māori - Case studies of local arrangements (2011): This document is an update of Co-Management: Case studies involving local authorities and Māori (2007) and is designed to be a tool for elected members and staff to learn from their colleagues in the local government sector.

Co-Management: Case studies involving local authorities and Māori (2007): This report provides in-depth case study examples of co-management of natural resources by councils and Māori.

Factsheet: Council - Māori engagement (2007): This is an easy to read factsheet that provides information on the benefits of building good relationships with Māori, statutory responsibilities, and ways of strengthening engagement.
FAQs on Council - Māori engagement (2007): This provides answers and information to address questions frequently asked by councils about council-Māori engagement:  

These resources supplement earlier publications by LGNZ including:

Te Maruata

Te Maruata is a sub-committee of the National Council of LGNZ. Its role is to promote increased representation of Māori as elected members of local government, enhance Māori participation in local government processes, provide support for councils in building strong relationships with Iwi, Hapu and Māori groups, and provide Māori input on development of future policies or legislation relating to local government.

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