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About us



We stand for local voice.
Ko Tātou LGNZ.

 We’ve been around since 1988 to represent the national interest of councils and to lead best practices in the sector. Today, we’re helping to guide and influence policy and major reforms that impact the lives and livelihoods of those in your rohe.

We’re supporting local government through development, advocacy, connection and inclusion. And we’re delivering the local voice at a national level.

// We connect the best minds and ideas

Being an elected member is no mean feat. That's why we create forums like our conference, sector meetings and events where you can network, share knowledge and be supported.  That's also why we provide the critical connection between central and local government so we can reflect your views to those who are shaping the future around us.

// We build expertise

Government policy, legislation and regulation - there's a lot to get your head around. We break it down into manageable chunks and support you in your learning.   Our programme of professional development is designed to support you throughout your career and our consultancy services and CouncilMARK™  accreditation helps to build capability and lift performance across the Whenua.

// We champion the things that matter

We are the unashamed champions of local democracy. Through our network of connections we can shine a light on the things that matter most for the sector. We are one strong national voice, delivering a consistent message that's impossible to ignore. Our relationships mean early involvement and influence in policy work, and our platform gives a coordinated local voice in the media to ensure the public hears your stories loud and clear.  

// We are the voice for everyone

We're a neutral, non-partisan collective providing a forum for all members to speak and be heard. We work arm-in-arm with Taituarā and with our networks, like our Young Elected Members group and Te Maruata, to champion a truly diverse and representative local democracy. 

We're tackling the big challenges and opportunities

The sector is faced with enormous challenges and opportunities right now. Our sector is doing amazing things at a grassroots level for their communities. From tackling climate change to redefining what local government offers in the future.

// Future for local government

The role of local government is too often misunderstood and undervalued. But what might local government look like if we could reimagine the future starting from a blank slate? And how might we deliver more for our people with more or different resources? We talk with Sam Broughton, Mayor of Selwyn about the Future for Local Government review.

// Climate change

A massive flood was the catalyst for a difficult conversation about climate change and the need for adaptation. We talk with Aaron Hawkins, former Mayor of Dunedin about how to engage communities on wicked problems and what to do when you don't have all the answers.

// Iwi partnership

Take a 20-year harbour transformation project and a council committed to true partnership with iwi and what do you get? A sustainable future for generations to come. We talk with Lyn Reisterer, former Mayor of Ōpōtiki and Aileen Lawrie, former CE of Ōpōtiki District Council about a small provincial town delivering big things for the community.

// Community health solutions

When people think about local government, they often think of roading, rubbish and rates, but councils deliver much more. Waitaki District Council has long challenged what services local government offers. We talk with Gary Kircher, Mayor of  Waitaki about building healthy communities.