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Other policy priorities

Earthquake prone buildings

  • Review efficacy of earthquake prone buildings’ regulations and promote workable timeframes; work with the Government on the Building Act and incentives to strengthen buildings and parts of buildings in high risk areas.


  • Advocate and work with the Government on new funding mechanisms for mixed-use Tourism infrastructure that have strong governance and allocation arrangements which meet councils’ needs.

China engagement

  • Maintain membership of the Commonwealth Local Government Forum (CGLF) and participate in the Asia Pacific Region of the Association of United Cities and Local Governments (UCLG) to enable New Zealand local government to contribute to strengthening local democracy and governance internationally;
  • Agree on the timing and form of the next New Zealand China Mayoral Forum and maintain connections with CPAFFC and MFaT on NZ-China relations ahead of the next Forum; and
  • To contribute, as appropriate, to international networks established to assist local governments address the impact of climate change.

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