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The six big issues

The key issues for local government and its communities have been discussed at length with the membership and there is strong agreement amongst councils that the big issues and priorities for councils are those as listed below. These issues form the basis of our policy projects and priorities for the years ahead.

There are strong cross-cutting themes and linkages between each of the six issues; for example the role of Māori and iwi, funding of local infrastructure and services, and the risk of natural hazards, including climate change, are common to each of the six areas.

  1. INFRASTRUCTURE & FUNDING: Ensuring infrastructure and associated funding mechanisms are in place to allow for growth, renewals and maintenance across housing, building, transport, broadband, tourism-related, three waters and flood control infrastructure.
  2. RISK & RESILIENCE: Understanding and addressing risks from natural hazards and other events – both for infrastructure, social cohesion and the environment, acknowledging that our communities and economy rely on both.
  3. ENVIRONMENTAL: Leading and championing policy and working with central government, iwi and stakeholders to address the increasing impact of environmental issues, including climate change, the quality and quantity of New Zealand’s freshwater resources, reducing waste and protecting biodiversity.
  4. SOCIAL: Working alongside central government and iwi to address social issues and needs in our communities, including a rapidly growing and an ageing population, inequality, housing (including social housing) supply and quality, and community safety.
  5. ECONOMIC: Developing a range of policy levers to address and fund economic development and growth across all of New Zealand.
  6. CULTURAL: Work with communities, iwi/Māori, and central government to encourage, promote and support the art and culture to uplift and improve the cultural well-being of all New Zealanders.