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Below you will find a list of LGNZ submissions.

Councils have a significant role in delivering transport services and infrastructure and we know the need for investment is great. LGNZ welcomes the opportunity to give feedback on the Government Policy Statement on Land Transport 2023/24—2033/34, which outlines the strategic priorities for central government investment in our transport system.

The Emergency Management Bill would replace the current Civil Defence and Emergency Management Act 2002. It has received its first reading and submissions on it are open until 03 Nov 2023.

 LGNZ welcomes the opportunity to submit on ‘Strengthening the resilience of Aotearoa New Zealand’s critical infrastructure system’. Current trends, like climate change and deteriorating social cohesion, are increasing the vulnerability of our critical infrastructure.

LGNZ’s submission on the interim report of the Independent Electoral Review notes the importance of both general and local elections and calls for the review to note the need for its recommendations to be supported with similar changes for local electoral law.

We’re calling for greater recognition of the significant role local government plays in reducing emissions in the Climate Commission’s advice on the second Emissions Reduction Plan.

Local Government New Zealand (LGNZ) welcomes the opportunity to submit on the Land Transport Management Amendment Bill. We support the replacement of the Public Transport Operating Model (PTOM) with the Sustainable Public Transport Framework (SPTF).

Local Government New Zealand (LGNZ) welcomes the opportunity to submit on the Ministerial Inquiry into land uses associated with the mobilisation of woody debris (including forestry slash) and sediment in Tairāwhiti/Gisborne and Wairoa Districts.  LGNZ and the Joint Forestry Project support this Inquiry.

Local Government New Zealand (LGNZ) welcomes the opportunity to submit on the Severe Weather Emergency Recovery Legislation Bill. Communities turn to their councils when disaster hits, and councils step up to significant leadership roles for their regions and communities, during both response and recovery.

We’re supportive of the Proposals for the Smoked Tobacco Regulatory Regime. Our submission calls for these proposals to go further to keep both smoked tobacco and vaping retail locations away from schools and other sites where they may increase access to young people.  

We want to see the Panel move beyond the status quo to provide much bolder recommendations about local government’s future role, the services councils could deliver, how they should be funded, and a clear roadmap on how to get there.