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Te Uru Kahika - Regional and Unitary Councils Aotearoa

Te Uru Kahika - Regional and Unitary Councils Aotearoa


Regional Councils and Unitary Authorities

New Zealand has 16 regional and unitary councils. Te Uru Kahika is the newly established identity for the regional sector’s collective efforts.

These 16 councils are charged with the integrated management of land, air, and water resources, supporting biodiversity and biosecurity, providing for regional transport services, and building more resilient communities in the face of climate change and natural hazards. Environmental science and local knowledge underpins all that they do.

The regional sector is powered by scientists, engineers, technicians, kaihautū, planners, project managers, land managers, technology specialists, and community relations officers working on some of the most pressing issues of our time. They have extensive knowledge of the catchments and communities they work in, as well as a strong connection to Te Ao Māori, reflected in the decisions that are made.

Regional sector coordination and input into national direction setting is crucial.  As a collective, Te Uru Kahika works together to apply its expertise and local knowledge for the wellbeing of our environments and communities.

The regional councils are:

 Unitary authorities have the powers of regional councils and territorial authorities. New Zealand’s unitary councils are:

 Te Uru Kahika are at the forefront of our understanding and response to some of the biggest challenges and opportunities facing Aotearoa New Zealand.